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Learn the Skills of Quality Engineers

The Special Skills of Quality Engineers

Part 3 of a 4 part series: From Salesforce Admin to Quality Engineer

Last week, in the second of our 4-part series, we learned about why Salesforce Admins have some great skills for Quality Engineering. This week, we will identify some of the special skills of quality engineers, and how you can build those skills. (resources listed do not constitute an endorsement of the resources nor the individuals who wrote them by nor

Testing terminology

Like any specialized discipline, quality engineers have many terms that we use to talk about the specific types of work that we do. Sometimes, not knowing those words can be a barrier to learning about and understanding the work. If you want to learn, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! There are many helpful resources about software testing that you can find to help you work through the basic language of software testing.

Exploratory testing

Two specific skills that we use on the test team are exploratory testing and session based test management. Exploratory testing is really a discipline on its own, and it has a great deal of complexity. This work in exploratory testing, by Dr. Cem Kaner and James Bach, while somewhat older, provides a thorough introduction to exploratory testing, as well as many references to continue learning and strategies for implementation.

Practicing exploratory testing is as easy as using any web or mobile application mindfully, performing some of the software attacks along the way.

Test automation with robot, python, and selenium

For developers interested in testing software by building and maintaining code, learning about our automation framework tools will help. The highest layer of our automation testing is done using Robot Framework. Beneath Robot framework, we use selenium and Python to automate regression in the UI. There are multiple excellent sources to learn Python and selenium online.

Testing Community

There is a vibrant community of software testers around the world, with many meetups available in urban and suburban locales internationally. Some groups that you can join/conferences you can attend if you want to learn more include:

Ministry of Testing

Association for Software Testing

Software Test Professionals Conference search “software testing” for meetups in your local area

This article represents just a few of thousands of resources about software testing. You can perform a search on any of the terms and find endless information about each of the skills briefly listed here.

Work at!

This week, you’ve learned the skills a quality engineer needs, and the resources to develop them. Next week, we’ll talk about the roles available here on our growing Quality Engineering team.

If you are looking to make an impact on many organizations with your knowledge and experience, consider our latest quality engineering roles at by clicking here.