The industry-standard impact plaform for nonprofits utilizing Salesforce.

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The Higher-Ed-specific platform and architecture for growth for organizations utilizing Salesforce.

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Build and automation scripts to facilitate best practices based development and release processes for managed package development on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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Generate documentation from inline comments in your Apex classes.

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A build bot used to fill gaps in triggering jobs and interacting with the GitHub API for CumulusCI.

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A flexible typeahead component for use on Visualforce pages. Uses the typeahead.js library from Twitter.

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Recent Posts

  • HEDA and TDTM 2017 Highlights

    by Xinnan Li

    The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) has undergone some exciting changes to give developers more flexibility with HEDA integrations and custom development, including a new field to manage triggers, new enhancements on trigger filtering, and a Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) API method more ...

  • Post 1: Where Did AI Come From?

    by Phil Nadeau

    Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is the buzzword of 2017, but it didn't come from nothing. AI has been a feature of the Internet since it became a consumer phenomenon in the 90s, starting with search engines. In 2001, the spam epidemic brought us SpamAssassin, which brought the Bayesian machine learning algorithm to celebrity status. more ...

  • Post 0: Why Should You Care?

    by Phil Nadeau

    This is the first post in a series of blog articles that I will be writing for's developers' blog about Artificial Intelligence, the public good, and what nonprofits should know about AI. We will, of course, cover the things you'd expect, like tools, use cases, the theory and practice of AI, and so on. more ...

  • Hiring at Scale: Landing A Job With Product Delivery

    by Dylan Hansen

    Interested in a job with Product Delivery? The second article in the series goes over tips on landing a job with our growing team! more ...

  • Hiring at Scale: Interviewing

    by Dylan Hansen

    First in a three part series discussing how the Product Delivery is growing. Read on to hear tips and tricks for growing your engineering team, starting with the interview process. more ...

  • Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM)

    by Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa

    Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM), is the Nonprofit Starter Pack's approach to trigger management. As you probably know, large custom applications or packages, such as the NPSP, can often wind up with a large number of triggers, including multiple triggers on the same object (a very bad practice). These multiple triggers are often written by different developers and even consulting companies, and can interact with each other in sometimes-unpredictable ways. Under these circumstances, problems become very hard to understand, and even harder to debug. TDTM makes it easier for us and for our users to know what happens when a user interacts with a record. more ...

  • Five Essential Keys to Career Happiness

    by David Manelski

    Dave Manelski shares his five essentials keys to career happiness and how he found his #dreamjob at more ...

  • Duplicate Management for the Nonprofit Starter Pack

    by Nicolas Campbell

    Managing duplicates and keeping your data clean requires good tools and a sophisticated strategy. Learn how the Nonprofit Starter Pack can help you deduplicate your data and keep it clean. more ...

  • How the Nonprofit Starter Pack does Error Handling on Salesforce

    by Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa

    Error handling on the Salesforce platform is challenging, given that all changes are reverted by default if an error occurs. This includes any data changes and any outbound messages. In this post we explain how to take transaction control away from the platform in order to be able to store error records and send error notifications in the NPSP package. more ...

  • Introducing a new ApexDoc for documenting Apex classes

    by David Habib

    ApexDoc is a java app that you can use to document your Salesforce Apex classes. You tell ApexDoc where your class files are, and it will generate a set of static HTML pages that fully document each class, including its properties and methods. Each static HTML page will include an expandable menu on its left hand side, that shows a 2-level tree structure of all of your classes. Command line parameters allow you to control many aspects of ApexDoc, such as providing your own banner HTML for the pages to use. more ...


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