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Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) Classes

These are the classes that support our table-driven trigger management approach, where only one trigger existsper object, and the information on which classes to run upon the creation or modification of a record is storedin the database.

  • TDTM_DefaultConfig - stores the default TDTM configuration.
  • TDTM_Filter - Allows running TDTM class only for those records that do not meet the filtering criteria.
  • TDTM_Config - Returns classes to call when a record of a specific object type is created, edited, or deleted.
  • TDTM_Runnable - abstract class that classes to be run from a trigger, according to the TDTM design, need to extend.
  • TDTM_TriggerActionHelper - class that contains helper methods for the TDTM Trigger Handler logic.
  • TDTM_TriggerHandler - class called from each of the triggers (only one per object) that follow the TDTM design.It's in charge of figuring out which of the classes that do the actual work need to be called, and calling them.
  • THAN_Filter_TDTM - Validates Trigger Handler filtering condition.

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