The industry-standard impact plaform for nonprofits utilizing Salesforce.

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The Higher-Ed-specific platform and architecture for growth for organizations utilizing Salesforce.

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Build and automation scripts to facilitate best practices based development and release processes for managed package development on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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Generate documentation from inline comments in your Apex classes.

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A build bot used to fill gaps in triggering jobs and interacting with the GitHub API for CumulusCI.

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A flexible typeahead component for use on Visualforce pages. Uses the typeahead.js library from Twitter.

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Recent Posts

  • Accessing Viewstate from Javascript

    by Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa

    Javascript can access variables in the viewstate (controller properties) using the same notation you would use inside VF elements, BUT only if they are primitives. Complex object types (such as lists or maps) are not directly translated into the equivalent Javascript types. They are basically stored as strings in the viewstate, and Javascript doesn’t have a way of knowing that it’s, for example, a list or a map. There is no information about the data type on the client side. more ...

  • Database Class and Transaction Rollbacks

    by Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa

    While designing the error handling functionality for the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0, aka Cumulus, project (a free and open-source Donor Management System that runs on top of, we discovered a very interesting behavior of the platform that we would like to share with you. Hopefully you’ll find it as interesting as we do.

    more ...

  • Introducing Bootstrap SF1

    by Ryan Foster

    We have lots of projects and a small team. We love Bootstrap because it allows our entire team to easily and rapidly prototype and build responsive UI. We also love the SFDC styleguide for Salesforce1 apps for its great look and feel. Wouldn't it be awesome if the two were merged? Well, that's the goal of Bootstrap SF1: to blend Bootstrap easy with Salesforce1 awesome. more ...

  • Why Nonprofits Love the NPSP’s Open-Source Development Model

    by Jon Michael Varese

    What’s the longest you’ve ever waited for a feature request to show up in a product? Three months? Six months? A year? Maybe two?

    more ...

  • The Many Faces of Salesforce1

    by Nick Bailey

    As the Salesforce1 platform grows, so do the number of ways that you can customize and build on the platform. One of those changes that we've been thinking about lately is the proliferation of places where you can customize the UI. more ...

  • Visualforce Typeahead Component

    by Evan Callahan

    A few months back, I researched “typeahead” components - controls that let you search for data as you type - for use on Visualforce pages. When you want to provide a lookup to related data on a page, this can provide much better usability than the standard Salesforce lookup control. more ...

  • User Experience Matters in Business Applications Too

    by Nick Bailey

    I’ve recently undergone a shift in how I think about business application development. This change has developed while working on several projects at the Salesforce Foundation, such as finding better ways to get sales contracts signed. Here is what it boils down to: Users > Business Goals > Technology. more ...


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