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Hiring at Scale: Interviewing

Hiring at Scale: Interviewing

The engineering team at Salesforce.org is growing rapidly this year and I’ve never been more excited to be a part of an expanding team. Earlier this year I was hired as the Director, Product Delivery Engineering. During the first few weeks in my new role, I received confirmation of the hiring plan for the current year. Then, a few weeks later, the final projected hiring numbers came through - they were double what I expected.


Getting a huge amount of open headcount dropped on your desk is both an exciting and intimidating feeling. On one hand, it shows that the business wants to invest in your team. On the other hand, the business is expecting you to hire and deliver on said numbers. For a hiring manager that can be stressful. It can also add uncertainty to your current team. How will the roles of your team members change with growth? How do you ensure that you hire the right “cultural fits,” and at the same time, meet your extremely aggressive hiring goals?

My first goal was to review and develop structure around our interviewing process. In the past our interviews were done fairly organically with a small team. However, given the surge of interviewing we’ve needed to do this year, it was clear that we needed to invest in a more structured interview process that would scale as the team grows. A failure to do this would cause confusion, churn, and frustration in our interviewing process from our engineers, recruiters, management, and (most importantly) our candidates.

The fact that the SFDO Development team is fully distributed has made our interviewing process even more challenging. While a handful of our staff work out of Salesforce.com offices, the majority of our team works remotely from home. We do not have the benefit of “bringing a candidate in” for an onsite interview. How then do we give candidates a taste of our culture? How do we make sure we find the right candidates? Ones that can we can trust to work in a distributed fashion?

At a high level, our current hiring process is as follows:

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, but the more delineated structure has allowed us to have some predictability in our interviewing process. That level of predictability has benefited our recruiting team, hiring staff, and helps candidates have a more consistent interviewing experience.

Hiring Tips

Is your engineering team growing? Here are a few tips that I can share based on our experience so far:

Overall our interviewing process has been going well and we’re on pace to meet our targets this year. We’ve been able to meet our hiring targets so far, and also ensure that rapid hiring doesn’t fully disrupt our team’s velocity. We will continue to iterate on our process as we grow.

Are you interested in a career at Salesforce.org Tech & Products? My next post will provide some high level tips for landing your #dreamjob on our team. Stay tuned!