David Habib

Introducing a new ApexDoc for documenting Apex classes

I first played with ApexDoc back in 2011, when I took the original code written by Aslam Bari, and added some additional features to meet the needs of a nonprofit I was working with. 4 years later, I am working on the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack Team, and we want to document our source code for the developer community, so that people can more easily contribute to the Nonprofit Starter Pack. So I’ve revamped ApexDoc to include additional support for Apex language constructs, to provide a better navigation ui, and to format our pages more closely to what one sees with Salesforce’s Apex documentation.

The ApexDoc project on gitHub continues to be open source, and you can use it to document any of your Apex projects. It supports customizing the banner and styles to brand your site as you wish. Here you can see a sample page from the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3 Documentation as provided by ApexDoc.

ApexDoc Preview

Some of the new features I really like include:

All the information about running ApexDoc and how you can format your code for ApexDoc are found in the repository’s readme.

I hope you like the new look (and new features) of ApexDoc!