The next version of the Nonprofit Starter Pack.

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Build and automation scripts to facilitate best practices based development and release processes for managed package development on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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Bootstrap SF1

A Bootstrap theme based on the SFDC styleguide.

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Generate documentation from inline comments in your Apex classes.

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A build bot used to fill gaps in triggering jobs and interacting with the GitHub API for CumulusCI.

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A flexible typeahead component for use on Visualforce pages. Uses the typeahead.js library from Twitter.

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Recent Posts

  • Visualforce Typeahead Component

    by Evan Callahan

    A few months back, I researched “typeahead” components - controls that let you search for data as you type - for use on Visualforce pages. When you want to provide a lookup to related data on a page, this can provide much better usability than the standard Salesforce lookup control. more ...

  • User Experience Matters in Business Applications Too

    by Nick Bailey

    I’ve recently undergone a shift in how I think about business application development. This change has developed while working on several projects at the Salesforce Foundation, such as finding better ways to get sales contracts signed. Here is what it boils down to: Users > Business Goals > Technology. more ...


Suhasini Anand

Senior Technical Project Manager

I am a Technical Project Manager and joined in 2017. I have a strong background in security and privacy, as related to vendor and re-seller management, and product and program development.

Nick Bailey

Vice President, Enterprise Systems

I joined as a Developer in 2011, after several years as a customer and partner. I enjoy working on technology projects that have delightful user experiences, have impact at scale, and provide value to the people we serve.

Eric Barela

Measurement & Evaluation Manager

I joined in fall 2014 after spending over a decade as an internal evaluator for urban public school districts and education nonprofits. My passion is building systems to help organizations measure and understand their impact as a mechanism for social betterment.

Jennifer Bennett

Member of Technical Staff

I am a certified Salesforce Advanced Developer and have worked on the Salesforce platform since 2012. I joined the Nonprofit Success Pack Team in 2016 and I am thrilled to be part of a team geared toward helping nonprofits leverage the power of the Salesforce platform.

Kevin Bromer

Vice President, Product Delivery

I've been working with nonprofits on the Salesforce platform since 2007, and with the since 2010. I'm continually impressed with what Salesforce and the platform can enable for those communities. I'm into building super functional apps with great APIs, and have been known to write a meandering batch class or two when provoked.

Meghan Butler

System Adminstrator

I'm a certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator with more than seven years of experience supporting international nonprofits that leverage the Salesforce platform. I joined the Enterprise Systems team during the summer of 2015 and am thrilled to be part of!

Evan Callahan

Director, Enterprise Systems Engineering

I work to ensure that nonprofits have even more success with Salesforce than their for-profit counterparts. :) An area I enjoy is connecting Salesforce to external data sources via API integrations. Lately, I have been diving into mobile app development using Angular.js.

Nicolas Campbell

Senior Member of Technical Staff

I'm a certified Developer who has been consulting for nonprofits on the Salesforce platform since 2011. I have enjoyed helping individual nonprofits achieve their mission through the judicious use of technology, and I feel very fortunate to be part of a team dedicated to creating software for all nonprofits.

Calista Carter

Senior Director, Product Management, Enterprise Systems

I’m a certified Salesforce Administrator and Developer, and have been working in the nonprofit Salesforce space since 2007. I love working at the intersection of technology and non-profit because of the potential for social good and the enormous generosity and passion of the people in this community.

Marcel Christian

Lead Product Designer

I aim to design products that empower our HED and NGO customers to engender transformational change. I strive to craft products that delight and inspire through their accessibility, usefulness, simplicity, and sophistication. Above all, it's my hope that our products foster impactful change and exemplify continuous improvement, empathy, and service.

Clifford Fajardo

Associate Member of Technical Staff, Front End Engineering

I began my journey at in the spring of 2016. I'm a mission & product driven engineer who enjoys developing amazing web experiences. I'm also very passionate about sharing knowledge on the web (Quora/Twitter/YouTube), mentoring students in my community and discovering new tools that make me more productive.

Ryan Foster

Lead Member of Technical Staff

I am a long-time web developer, primarily for nonprofits, and was thrilled to discover Salesforce and in 2011. My favorite projects have three primary ingredients: good design, elegant code, and a good cause. I am known for telling everyone to "Have fun", and gripe at my meowing cat while working from home.

David Habib

Lead Member of Technical Staff

I've been working with nonprofits since 2000, and focused exclusively on the Salesforce platform since 2008. I am the author of the popular AppExchange products Volunteers for Salesforce and Auctions for Salesforce, which I continue to support in my free time. I've been a Senior Developer with the Foundation since 2013, and work on the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Dylan Hansen

Director, Product Delivery Engineering

I joined in 2017 after working 4 years at I lead a team of engineers focused on our Nonprofit and Higher Ed products. Throughout my career I've been an advocate for giving back, and I'm thrilled to be part of a world-class team that supports nonprofits across the globe.

Andrew Hoffman

Member of Technical Staff

I'm a software developer who specializes in full-stack JavaScript. I enjoy traveling, reading educational books and biographies, and skiing. Although I'm originally from Bozeman, Montana, I migrated up to Washington so that I could experience working in a rapidly growing tech hub.

Jason Lantz

Lead Member of Technical Staff, Release Operations

I've been doing technology work for the last 15 years with the last 6 focused on nonprofits. Most of my development experience is in Python but lately I've been living in the world of the Metadata API, Packages, and team development best practices on

Adam Lincoln

Senior Member of Technical Staff

I joined the in early 2015 after five years as a, Python, and Perl developer in higher education. I particularly enjoy flexing the platform's batch capabilities and APIs. I value automation and clean code, and am a big believer in open source software.

David Manelski

Lead Architect, Enterprise Systems

I want to help accelerate people on a mission. On the Technology & Products team, I help build the tools to make that possible. I work closely with customers, partners, and across our internal teams to help people scale their impact and deepen their engagement.

Sarah Marovich

Lead Member of Technical Staff, Documentation

I joined in 2015, after 9 years at As a Technical Writer, I believe that documentation plays an integral part in helping customers successfully implement and use products. I love working with our passionate nonprofit community and learning more about how we can tailor our documentation to their needs.

Dennis Markunas

Member of Technical Staff, System Administrator

I'm a certified Salesforce Administrator who's been working on the platform since 2014. Previously I worked in enterprise systems sales and business development in the Higher Ed and K-12 industries. I joined Enterprise Systems in the fall of 2016, and love improving organizations' business processes using Salesforce!

Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa

Lead Member of Technical Staff

I’m a certified Salesforce Admin, Developer, and Advanced Developer. I came to the Salesforce platform from the Java and PHP worlds, after recognizing its enormous potential for productivity. I live in the world of Triggers, Batches, Classes, and Scheduled jobs, and enjoy designing and writing robust, object-oriented code.

Chelsea Mckay

Associate Member of Technical Staff, Engineering

I’m a certified Developer and joined in 2016. I'm driven by our mission to deliver technology and resources to nonprofits, while leading the way for how other companies should emphasize volunteering philanthropy. I love the puzzle that coding and implementing technical solutions provides!

Chris McMahon

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Quality Assurance

I'm a software tester and former professional bass player. I've been part of the greater public software testing community since about 2004, and have contributed to open source projects like Watir, Selenium, and FreeBSD.

Laura Meerkatz

Senior Member of Technical Staff

I've been working with nonprofits on the Salesforce platform since 2010. I'm a certified Salesforce Advanced Developer and Advanced Administrator, as well as an active member of Girlforce. I'm passionate (and/or stubborn) about making the tech world more welcoming to women, and believe that the end-user and his or her goals are at the heart of every technology project.

Dave Perry

Lead Member of Technical Staff, Higher Ed

I'm the Technical Architect for Higher Education products at Prior to this, I was the Salesforce Program Manager at Western Governors University, as well as a member of the Higher Ed Advisory Council, a Salesforce MVP, and co-organizer of the Utah Salesforce Developer Group.

Chris Polcyn

Member of Technical Staff, Release Engineering

I'm a musician and software engineer with a background in audio signal processing. I joined in 2016 and I'm proud to be part of an organization that values community and giving back. My role here is to make sure we deliver quality products on a regular basis.

Cheryl Porro

SVP, Tech and Product

I have the honor of leading the phenomenal Technology & Products team, which builds products for nonprofits and higher ed institutions. We also build internal applications that support the daily operations of, as well as volunteerism, pro bono, and gift-matching programs for Salesforce.

Saradha Rajagopalan

Member of Technical Staff, Quality Engineering

I am a quality engineer with a passion for delivering highly functional and usable products. I have tested UI and API products for many years, and joined the in January 2015 to help with Quality and Release management. I am known for my attention to detail, and enjoy cooking and traveling.

David Ray

Associate Member of the Technical Staff

Code is Poetry.

Breonna Slade

Business Systems Analyst

I'm very excited to join as a BSA in Enterprise Systems after 2.5 years working at Salesforce in IT Security. I grew up in San Francisco and I’m so lucky to be able to work here and give back to the community that has given me so much.

Judi Sohn

Manager, Open Source Community

I have been actively involved in the community of nonprofits using Salesforce since 2006, and have worked for both ISV and SI partners. I hold four Salesforce certifications and have been a Salesforce MVP. Now at, I manage community contributions to our open source projects, including the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Jon Stahl

Product Manager, Programs + Employee Engagement

I have been working at the intersection of technology, social movements, and philanthropy for over twenty years, and joined in 2016. I product manage the systems that support our philanthropic programs and employee engagement work. I love helping people connect with the causes they are most passionate about.

Jon Michael Varese

Director, Documentation

In another life I taught the Victorian novel to college students, but now I teach nonprofits how to use the Salesforce platform to further their mission. I joined in April of 2014, after nearly two years as a technical writer at Salesforce headquarters.

Suzanne Veiga

Lead Data and System Administrator

I'm a certified Salesforce Admin and Developer who's been working with the Salesforce platform since 2009. In the fall of 2013, I joined the Enterprise Systems team. I enjoy exploring new ways of using declarative features, and sharing those innovations with nonprofits.

Liane Yee

Lead Member of Technical Staff, Documentation

I've worked in tech for the last decade, and in nonprofit operations, philanthropy, consulting, and local governments for the decade before that. I joined late in 2016 to create documentation that helps people confidently learn and do more with the Salesforce platform.

Joshua Yeung

Workday Specialist

I joined as a Workday administrator in November 2016, after two years of doing HR consulting and Workday implementations. I enjoy solving puzzles and leveraging HR technology solutions to enable our partners and customers.

About is based on a simple idea: Leverage’s people, technology and resources to build collective knowledge and enable action to improve communities throughout the world. We call our integrated philanthropic approach the 1:1:1 model.

The Technology and Products team delivers products that drive's constituent-centered vision and empower our customers to become connected nonprofits and campuses.